My New To Me TDF Black Patent Jumbo with Black Hardware!!!!!!!

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  1. OMG, I have wished for this bag forever, I am so happy that I finally found her.

    My thanks to Regina, Cyndee and Monica who enabled me, who listened to my questions and helped me decide to get it..........YAY!!!!! SHE IS GORGEOUS:heart:H

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  2. so, so gorgeous! You're on a roll!
  3. OMG that is gorgeous. I love how the black hardware is very different than the usual gold or silver. LOVE patent! Good choice!
  4. Gorgeous! I'm such a newbie w/ Chanel, never knew there was a black hardware option....Congrats!
  5. Oh WOW!!! It's stunning!!!!!!!!! Congrats :biggrin:
  6. Beautiful bag! Congrats!
  7. I just recently found out also!!!!:heart:H

  8. Such a stunning bag, congrats ! :heart:
  9. i really really love it! congrats!!

    may i ask which collection its from? did it come in other sizes?
  10. :yahoo::tup::love::cloud9::tender::party: Need I say more?! :P
  11. It is an older bag, about 6 or so years old but in perfect condition. There is a gorgeous re-issue in black with black chain available that is gorgeous, I posted a picture of it, (the first pic on the thread)- "pics of what I saw today available for EGC:, that one is amazing!!!!!!if you want SA information pm me.:heart:H
  12. GORGEOUS C! Love it! Congratulations on finding her!!!
  13. Yowza! What a hot bag!! :drool::drool::drool:

    You're on quite a streak! Congrats, sweetie! You totally deserve it!

  14. Eeeek! I just had to sneak a peak at the re-issue in black from your other thread....:sweatdrop: I'm so overwhelmed by the Chanel choices, I've gotta focus & figure what I want! Lovely pictures....
  15. congrats! it's BEAUTIFUL!