My new (to me) Sky Blue Twiggy (and a ??? for you all)

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  1. Received my bag today, how quick was that? :biggrin:

    Anyway, I noticed that the my rivets are not notched. Other than that, the bag looks and feels completely authentic. I took pics of the rivets and the bales so that maybe some of you could take a look and reassure me that my bag is the real deal. I did research a bit on atelier.naff and this is what I found:

    "Authentic rivets (the back of the studs) are very slightly convex. Since 2005 (inconsistently in spring/summer bags; consistently since fall/winter), the rivets have a notch on either side. Before 2005, the rivets were a simple circle".

    According to the tag, the bag is a 2005. Does anyone
    else have a bag from this season that does not have the notch on the rivets?
    skyblue.JPG skyblue2.JPG skyblue3.JPG skyblue4.JPG
  2. Hey Becca! please repost in the Authenticate This sticky at the top of this Forum.
    Good luck, it's beautiful!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.
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