My new to me shiny beauty! Pics inside!

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  1. :graucho: Here's a hint:


    I can't believe this is my 3rd piece in about a month's time. :Push:

    A big thanks to a fellow tPFer for telling me about this gorgeous number.
  2. oooooh its red !!!!

    Wallet on chain ????
  3. Ok ok, I won't drag it on. Here she is my new to me 11P patent red WOC!:love:


  4. oh my goodness, Its beautiful :biggrin: :love:
  5. I knew it was going to be a good one (and lukcily a short one:giggles:smile:
    It is shiny and beautiful!
  6. Congratulations sneezz to a lovely red WOC. Now we want to see more modeling pics.
  7. Great WOC!!!! I wish I could pull these off.
  8. OMG so pretty, congrats.
  9. Gorgeous reveal & beautiful colour WOC, congrats
  10. beautiful, i was just looking at it in the boutique last week. love love love it. you lucky girl
  11. What a stunning WOC!! Very pretty, congratulations!
  12. Love it!! Congrats!!
  13. Oh she looks beautiful on you!!! I'm so glad she went to such an amazing person!!
    Carry her in good health!! :hugs:
  14. Very pretty! Congrats!
  15. Oh sneezz!!!!!!!! Congrats!!! She is beautiful!!! Looks great on you!! :party::party: