My new **to me** reaveal!!!

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  1. Okay, so most of you may not like the patina this bag has BUT, this thread is not about you... its about me. (well my bag anyways)..

    So I got this bag a great deal at the Bay, and I live in Mexico and the bag was shipped from Japan, so I thought it would take weeks for me to get it. But it only took 5 DAYS! I am soooo happy with it, as I have been looking for a bag that I can throw around and not have to worry about (not that I am planning on doing that). And here she is!

    My NEW to me Petite NOE.
  2. Congrats! pictures?
  3. Sorry for no pics of just the bag, I just had to use it as soon as I got it!
    For reference, I am 5' 3'' and 119lbs


  4. Can't see it... But congrats!!!
  5. CRAP! i cant get the pics to work!
    ..trying again...

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  6. nice ! happy for u and congrats.........
  7. Looks amazing!
  8. Looks great on you! :tup:
  9. Oh, now I see it! It looks super on you! BTW, I love your Monogramouflage in your Avatar!!!
  10. Thanks! She is perfect for me! I was carrying my speedy 35 today, and switched ALL of my stuff over to this bag! It fits everything, and yet it is still so compact. I am so very happy with my newbie, and she was LESS than $200!
  11. Great deal!!!
  12. Haha thanks, that is actually the bag I was carrying today, and all my stuff from that bag fits in my PN!
  13. Thanks... I see great minds think alike.. (your signature pic..camo)
  14. Love the monogram petite noe! The patina looks GREAT in the pics - I love the look!
  15. congrats I love the petite noe! I have one in epi and always on ebay looking for a preowned mono one! I love patina! I hate the thought of waiting yearsssss or a brand new one to patina!