My new (to me) Priscilla - (photos)

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  1. I got an AMAZING deal on her. I love her so much.

    Here she is......

  2. Awww its sooo cute! Beautiful patina also,congrats!
  3. Very beautiful...... and I love your doggie. She is such a ham. How do you get her to pose like that?
  4. Very cute. :heart:
  5. Congrats Beljwl!
  6. congrats, B! great bag, and yeah the patina is awesome! :tup:

    great pic of Sammy too!
  7. Yay, another Priscilla on board! She's a beauty and I love the patina!
  8. Ooooh so cute! (bag AND dog!)

  9. He LOVES to pose. He sees a camera and just sits there. My other one I can't get to sit still for a photos. I guess that is the difference between a 9 year old dog and a 9 month one.
  10. the patina is PERFECT
  11. Congrats, love her patina!
  12. The color combo and patina are perfect!
  13. Great bag! Congrats again!
  14. Congrats B! It's even better in person! ;)
  15. That bag is so cute! It matches perfectly with your keychain! And your baby is so cute! It will look great with your new wallet!