My new (to me) Peppermint Bedford!

  1. I got this last week and just got around to taking pictures. I can't seem to capture the true color, but in real life it's bright, gorgeous Peppermint! :yahoo:




    I haven't carried it yet, but it feels so comfy on my arm... it makes me want a Papillon!

    Can someone tell me if the Papillon 26 would be a nice size (since I already have the Bedford, which is about the size of the 30) ?

    Thanks for letting me share! :nuts:
  2. pretty! congrats
  3. It's great! I have a papillon 30 and love it. I found the 26 straps too short.
  4. love the color!,it looks yummy!
  5. oh that color is fabulous!! congrats, hah in every single picture the color looks a different shade of peppermint, but every color is gorgeaus!!! pics of you modeling hehe?? congrats!
  6. I love this color....Congratulations
  7. Very pretty..I know it's hard to capture true color in vernis..

    bedford is the same size of papi 30

    CB papi is the same size of papi 26

    Here's Sandra's papis:

  8. If you are tiny, you can carry papi 26 over the shoulder..
  9. OOOH!!! I :heart: peppermint. so pretty, congrats!
  10. I love the Peppermint color; it's very nice. Congrats! : )
  11. yes Peppermint is fabulous! To see it combines with Rose Vernis is the ultimate in eye orgasmic....
  12. Congrats! I saw this on your link in the Handbags forum...I love greeennn, and that peppermint is fab.
  13. Thanks for your nice comments, everyone! :balloon:

    newaddiction - I'd model it tonight, but I'm in my pajamas and I look horrendous :P I'll take pictures with it when I finally use it!

    bagsnbags - I'm fairly petite, so hopefully I can carry the Pap 26 on my shoulder! If not, it definitely makes a cute handbag!

    bernz84 - Yup, you must have seen the tushie of my Bedford sticking out of my closet in my pictures in the handbag section :yes:
  14. Such a nice color! Congrats and enjoy it!!
  15. Congrats!!!
    Peppermint is really FAB!!!