My new-to-me Noe!

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  1. Congrats!
  2. ^Thanks!

    I hope my pictures were helpful for some pfers...maybe even inspire a few to get one! ;)
  3. Congrats!!! It is a beautiful bag.
  4. ^Thanks, Coachlover!
  5. Yes, you are becoming like the rest of the PFers here... bad influence. Now, I know this is a must have bag I want too.:sad: Great for traveling (see my mom) use for night classes, and just as a normal everyday bag that can tote many items when shopping. Especially "hands-free". Now my only problem is... how do I get rid of my PS3... for a bag???:wondering Think I am going to be soooo :busted!
  6. Congrats!!!!! I like the mono noe the best!!!!!!!!!
  7. sharbear508 - Thank you! I like the mono noe best, too! I don't care if it has a vachetta bottom...

    pinkiwhatever99 - GET IT!:graucho: But...I'm super jealous that you have a PS3!!!
  8. lol... I only get to keep one item... it's either the toy or the bag... can't have both... I do have the toy right now in the closet... think it was bad decision to buy it... waited 9-1/2 hours no one thought I was lucky... :rolleyes:
  9. Congrats bernz!!!!!
    its lovely and wow! fits a lot!!!

    Hey Nola,
    I'm waiting for my petit noe too in blue epi:nuts:

    Darn Bag Ban!!!:Push:
  10. Congrats! Wowzers! That fits a lot of stuff!:nuts:
  11. ^Thanks, girls!

    Sarsi - You'll LOVE the petit noe...and I think you bought from the same seller as I did...
  12. i'm guessing you use yours for school? i'm getting one also, to use for school. does it get too heavy or bulky?
  13. This was just a GOOF I posted on another thread, but it's helpful to show just HOW ROOMY the Large Noe is!!:nuts:
    In this pic, the Noe was holding my daily essentials which consist of:
    • a Holy Bible
    • toilet bowl cleanser tablets
    • Downy Wrinkle Releaser
    • Racquetballs
    • thong panties
    • 2 rolls of toilet paper
    • BOX of band-aids
    • 1 apple
    • kitchen tong
    • Uncle Ben's Ready Rice
    • ONE Puma Shoe
    • soft-scrub sponge
    • whole container of Q-Tips
    • SMALL Butcher's Knife
    And as you can see, I still could probably fit a few more ESSENTIALS in my TINY LITTLE Mono NOE :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  14. Actually, it doesn't get heavy at all, which is what I love about her! I'm not in school right now (I actually graduated last June), but I'm planning to attend grad school next year. I think this would be a great school bag! I don't tend to carry a lot in my bags (even as an undergrad, I only carried what I really needed...which was typically a couple notebooks, a pencil case, wallet, a few lipsticks, and keys). Please show pics of yours!

    LVixen - thanks for the pics!

    I'm surprised this thread got revived!:shame:
  15. congrats!