My new-to-me Noe!


Aug 31, 2006
I broke my ban! I already shared this with a few pfers, so...

I forgot about the PH and the Cabas Mezzo/Piano after realizing I wanted medium-large bag (since I already have enough medium-sized bags and I don't like super-huge bags). After getting jealous over people's Petit Noes and regular Noes, I knew that the Noe was meant to be. :P Although I was intending to get a brand new bag, I realized that I can't keep myself away from these great deals I keep finding on ebay, and with the Noe, I'd rather have one used (since it has a vachetta bottom).

Needless to say, I'm a Noe convert! This bag holds TONS. I tried to stuff as much things as possible, and even when I couldn't find anything else to put in it, there was still soooooo much more space! And the best part is that it doesn't feel heavy! I think it has to do with the thick strap...?

To punish myself, I extended my ban to March, and as a present for getting into grad school, I'll get myself a brand new damier pochette! Esp. since 1) I'm a cheapskate :shame: , 2) I don't really need any larger LV bags at the moment, and 3) damier pieces are usually too expensive for me to justify getting used.

I didn't attach pics 'cause when I resize them, they come out really small. I wanted to show you just how much I could put in; please keep in mind that I was taking pictures in a dark room and the patina is 2-3 shades darker than IRL (I hate my digicam because I can't take pictures close-up or too far away...and the colors never show up correctly).




Inside: a 200-page notebook, LV catalog, agenda/diary, a sweater, sunnies, hairbrush, mints, cosmetic pouch (with my chapsticks, comb, and mirror), cles and keys, pencil case, pochette accessories (attached to the d-ring; contains tresor wallet, cell, lipgloss and pen).
YAY!:yahoo: Love it! :love: I guessed wrong, well, I guessed Noe, but thought it was an epi petit noe cuz you have a wink and a maybe in your wish list....:shrugs: (I have one more surprise which I will reveal later this week. HINT: I thought fromt eh above we'd be twins, close, but not quite.)
It does hold a ton! I'm gonna get a monogram petit noe in the spring
I'm so glad it's comfortable too!
^Thanks, all! I absolutely love this bag!

mickloisme - A surprise, eh? Hmm...;)

I knew I was going to be a little vague when I implied I wanted an epi noe...If I do end up getting this bag, I'm going to have to part with one of my medium sized bags (I can't have too many bags from the same designer...but since this is different from the monogram...maybe I won't give something away)!
Ooh! Niiiice!!
Would you say that the size is in between the Cabas Piano and the Cabas Mezzo, in terms of how much you can fit in there, even though they are obviously different shapes?
^Thanks, again!

sharona - Hmm...I would assume so. Don't take my word for it, though, because I don't have either of these bags. But I *do* know that a petit noe can hold more than a cabas piano (Cabas piano has a good shape but too structured to hold a lot).