my new (to me) indigo first

  1. :love: I just opened the package and I am so in love with this bag.:love: :love:
    I am already trying to figure out what b-bag to get next :shame:
  2. Oooooh pics please? Sounds lovely, congrats!
  3. Ooh YAY! Congrats
  4. Congrats! Great color! Would love to see pics!
  5. Congrats.. you finally got your indigo:biggrin:
  6. oohhh would love to see pics!!! Congrats!!
  7. Congrats! Indigo is an awesome color.
  8. Congrats! Can't wait to see pics!
  9. congrats! im sure the pics wont do it justice!
  10. please post pics! i love the indigo colour!! :nuts:
  11. Indigo is such a great color! Congrats! Can't wait for the pix!
  12. yay! i want pics!
  13. As soon as I can borrow a digital camera I'll gladly post pics! We don't have one because DH loves his old camera and refuses to upgrade to digital :shame:
  14. congrats! I love my indigo too!
  15. Congrats on scoring a precious B colour!!!

    Go out and buy your own digi cam;). Don't wait for hubby. Men can be such sticklers where their old toys are concerned. I'd be mouldy by now if I had to wait for my DH to upgrade some stuff, lol, as mine isn't particularly tech savvy!!:lol: