My new to me Emmy, advice pls.

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  1. Hello just wondered if anyone can help? Bought a Black Emmy off of another TPFer and I am pleased with her it's just that one of her of her twist locks on the front pocket is upside down, so the tree is the wrong way up! I've noticed that there are screws on the back of ther lock from when it was originally put on, has anyone ever undone these to correct an upside down lock. Not sure whether to have a go or not, is it going to bother me? Don't think anyone else would notice as they are small twist locks! Please don't ask me to post a picture tried to put my family shot on last weekend and just couldn't load the picture and just ended up in a bad mood!

  2. why not try up loading to photobucket, thats easy to do.
    then maybe get the bag authenticated just to be sure.
  3. I'll try the photos again at the weekend when my husband is back from his travels I really am useless with technology! Though I have to say that I'm sure it is the real thing, all the hardware is stamped and the back of the internal zipper has riri and m plus number, it's a lovely looking bag, weighty, used and loved by the look of it, it's just this one twist lock. Also the seller knew that I was also a member of TPF and I recognised her name once I found out what it was, she was really nice. I'd like to think that no tpfer would pass dodgy gear off on each other!!!

  4. I've never tried a DIY job on my bags, not sure I'd dare really - so can't offer much advice I'm afraid. But maybe you could send it off to Mulberry for them to fix it for you, if it's going to bug you?

    Anyway, congrats on a new bag! :yahoo:
  5. Thanks fuzzyfelt, might call them to find out what they think but then I think well its not actually broken maybe it's just my bag's quirky thning! Guess it slipped through QC, it must happen sometimes.
  6. Goo - i wouldn't try to fix it myself, may be take it to a mulberry store or HOF concession, they may know how to fix it.

    Also if your worried about it's authenticity you can post some pictures of it onto the authenticity thread. One of the girls there will be able to set your mind at ease
  7. Thank you shopaholicmum, unfortunately I do not live anywhere at all near a concession or mulberry store, I'm about as far east as you can get without falling in the sea! We are going on holiday to York but not until July, do you think the outlet store is worth a try? I've never been there before and don't know how helpful they are.
  8. Hi Goo - nice to 'meet' you!!

    Sounds like you've got a lovely bag there - I should try not to worry too much about the lock being upside down. However, if it does really bug you, you could send it to Mulberry for 'repair' (though there could be a small fee for this) - may be worth calling them first??

    I can sympathise though. My friend has paid £250 for some Dubarry boots & the first I spotted was that one of the logos is upsidedown (I haven't dared tell her, as she obviously hasn't noticed herself)!
  9. Yes York is as good as any Mulberry store. I'm sure they will be able to help you.
    Jazzy on the authentication thread is very knowledgable about Mulberry, maybe if you post a pic, she may be able to help with a solution.
    Or you can post it to Mulberry repairs and have it fixed by them. I doubt it would cost very much
  10. posts crossed there LadyF -oh no - your poor friend :nuts:
  11. I thought "well no-one else would probably notice" but maybe all you eagle eyed TPFer's would !!!
  12. ^^ I know, and they're def genuine as I know where she bought them from...
    that's what you get with overpriced wellies though (sorry, DH wanted to buy me some for Xmas, but I preferred my cheapo Jules version & another bag!)
  13. Nah - we'd be too busy sniffing that gorgeous Darwin to be looking at it lol!
  14. That is another question I had actually Lady Farquar, I bought my first Mulberry bag from the outlet at SM last summer, so quite new to them but very addicted even I'm shocked at how my collection has grown! Can I assume that this bag would be Darwin leather? I've also got a lovely Rosie with rectangular label inside and a gorgeous Oak Effie would these also be Darwin?
  15. Sorry Goo, missed your question as had to go and have dinner.

    I suspect all 3 will be Darwin, but I'm by no means the expert - why not post some lovely pics on the 'family' thread, and we can all drool at them, sounds like you have a really nice collection of both styles & colours.