My new (to me) Edith!!!

  1. So a few days ago, I received my gorgeous first season whiskey Edith!!! :wlae: The first season leather is so amazing!!! I have been debating about getting an Edith... my boyfriend even bought me a double-pocket Edith during the Nordies sale (I returned it). But I got this beauty and absolutely adore her!!!!! The leather is 10x better than this season's and she is just perfect for me! :tup:
    :heart: I haven't had a Chloe in awhile, I've been on the LV trip.... I must say it's wonderful to be back and I'll be staying for quite awhile ( I want about 5 more Ediths).
    IMG_0051 (Large) copy (Medium).jpg IMG_0048 (Large) copy (Medium).jpg
  2. It looks great on you!!! And I love that color too!!!!!:tup:
  3. Thanks! I love the color too, I used to have a Whiskey paddy, and now I wish I hadn't sold it!
  4. LOL just noticed- sorry about the see through-ness of the shirt i was wearing. I hate that black t-shirt + light bra + camera flash....
  5. Congrats...there is nothing like a whiskey edith!
  6. gorgeous!
  7. Congrats, Whiskey is so beautiful--looks like it belongs with you.
  8. Thanks!! I can't say enough about how gorgeous the color is!
  9. Gorgeous! I love Whiskey best of all! Congrats! :yahoo:
  10. The first season classic Edith satchel is the best! Congrats!
  11. Congrats!The leather looks wonderful and you carry it well.
  12. It looks gorgeous - congrats:tup:
  13. Congrats! You are correct - the first season Edith leather is incomparable! And the whiskey color is my favorite. It looks great on you!
  14. I have this exact bag and it is indeed so fabulous!
  15. What a gorgeous bag!! Congrats!!