My new to me dream LV!! :)

  1. Hi everyone! :smile: I usually post in the Chanel forum, but I just wanted to share my new dream LV bag with all of you! Ever since I laid eyes on this bag, I think my heart stopped haha, and I'm soooo excited to finally own one, and in amazing, near new condition too! Sorry about the lack of photo/posting pics skills (or lack thereof!), but I just discovered how to do this! :smile: Enjoy!!

    My baby sleeping! :yes:

    Here she is!! :yahoo:

    One more, up close and personal! ;)

    Inside flap pic! :smile:

    I'm officially head over heels (shh, don't tell my SO)! :love:

  2. Congrats!!:yahoo: Enjoy it!!!
  3. Oh my goodness! She's in great shape. So lucky. I want one too! Ithink she is just the prettiest thing!
  4. congrats! I just bought that purse recently. I'm so inlove with it. Enjoy! She's very pretty.
  5. Looks good! Nice light patina..
  6. Congratulations. Your baby is sooo cute.
  7. Congratulations, what a beautiful bag!
  8. ooh la la. I use to want this !
  9. congrats! That indeed is a beauty! I love that line soo mcuh!
  10. congrats! very pretty!:yes:
  11. Congrats! I love the pic titles, especially "LV sleeping." Too cute!
  12. congrats!! i :heart: this bag too!
  13. Beautiful bag! Congrats!
  14. I love CB Pap´!! Congartulations on getting it in such good condition as well, my heart would have nearly stopped as well ah ah !
    Thank you for sharing your pic, and Welcome here.
  15. Congrats!