My new to me Dooney!

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  1. I saw this at a yard sale and couldn't pass it up. The lady only wanted $10. I'm almost glad I didn't pay more because the inside was filthy! After some scrubbing with cleaner, and rinsing I think I have it useable. I got more of the leather wet than I wanted so I plan on conditioning it while it's drying so it stays smushy. The leather on this bag is amazing!
    Right now it's stuffed to absorb some of the water. I was going to sell this bag but I really like it!
  2. (You can tell how buttery the leather is, I couldn't even get the bag to stand up!)
  3. Good job and good deal! What color is the interior?
  4. It's that red and white lining. I want to say all weather but I know that's wrong.
  5. What a great find!!!
  6. The lining. I have a towel in there to soak up some of the water. [​IMG]
  7. If it didn't have the center section I would stuff it full. I usually hate center sections but this one is kind of short so it hopefully won't bug me.
  8. Nice. That looks like a style that was a QVC TSV several years back. It was available in either the leather or a signature fabric version. Can you possibly pull the lining out the top of the bag? It might dry faster with air circulating.
  9. I usually let the towel suck up a lot of the access then pull the towel out.
  10. Great bag, don't you love a yard sale find!
  11. Very nice find and nice job cleaning it up! The leather looks amazing.
  12. Love a good rehab bag. It's rewarding seeing them come back to life.
  13. Here's my new to me oldie:
    Didn't want to post in the other "new" thread as it's not "new-new" :smile:

    Purchased this one on Mercari, it came today and I love it already!
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  14. Pretty and pretty picture. [emoji260][emoji262][emoji260]
  15. Thanks! I was a children's photo in a past life. Guess I've replace the kids with bags, lol!!
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