my new to me Dolma City

  1. Never ever did I think I would get anything green, I've always just admire them but never thought of buying. Well, this is one of those colors that's just so hard to describe. From the pictures I saw till when I got the bag.. it was a total shock.

    Very antique/vintage look to it, and it's just... beautiful!!

    Didn't have anywhere to upload photos, so I took 2 with my crappy phone *_*.. these pictures don't do justice, but enjoy them anways!

    I'll try and take some real pictures once i get the chance.:okay:

    :heart::heart:DOLMA CITY :heart::heart:

    ps. i think i'm in love.. :heart:
    n615812049_443917_4369.jpg DSCF0020.jpg
  2. Ahhhh....Dolma.....:drool::heart::love: I LOVE Dolma! Congrats
  3. Ah, congratulations! I love Dolma! It looks great on you!
  4. i've been looking for a dolma work for almost a year. I'm dying to have this color in my collection, but congrats on finding a's gorgeous.
  5. thanks gals!!!

    color is awesome!!... I wonder if Vert Thyme is similar?
  6. gorgeous color! congrats!
  7. I have a Dolma City and love, love, love it!! Congratulations and enjoy her!:tup:
  8. Beautiful bag! Congrats!!
  9. Gorgeous! Dolma is such a chameleon color... Congrats ;)
  10. Gorgeous color:heart:! Congrats Miss_Tina;)!!

    I wait for new pics! :yes: ...:popcorn:
  11. The color looks so pretty!! Congrats on such a great bag!!
  12. love the color!! congrats!
  13. Dolma is hotness.

    Post better pics please!
  14. Congratulations..
  15. :drool: over your Dolma. CONGRATS!!!

    Love this picture!!!