My "New to Me" Dark Grey Chiara

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  1. I received my Dark Grey Chiara today is absolutely gorgeous! So glad I snatched this up!!

    Fluorescent office light really don't do it justice

    I had intended for this to be a laptop bag, at least that's how I justified it to myself! But a 15" laptop is a tight fit. Not possible with a sleeve. Oh well... I may just have to get a Francis :P

    But my favorite part is the suede lining! I was a suede virgin! I didn't get it! OMG did I not know?? It is sooo soft! I finally get "pettable"!
    LOVE ... LOVE ... LOVE

    I emailed Maria tonight to ask if it was too late to add suede to my previous order :love:
  2. It's lovely!
  3. Gorgeous! I adore the grey leather! I cannot wait to get my Virginia in it! The suede lining is incredible too! Congratulations!!
  4. So pretty! Congratulations :smile:
    (I need to get something with suede inside, I have yet to experience this.)

    It sounds like you either need to buy a new laptop or get a Francis...I think the Francis is a better deal. ;)
  5. Looks fantastic.
  6. The Chiara style surprised me a lot. I got the mini one in Acqua, the leather is divine, and the style looks a lot better IRL than in pics.! Congrats!
  7. Gorgeous glad you snapped this up. It was so tempting!!
    Congrats on a beauty from a wonderful TPFer!
  8. ...and this is why I hate to venture into suede...I know I'd want it in everything LOL...congrats on the relocation! It's pretty! :smile:
  9. Congrats on the relocated bag! I hear ya on the suede, I had doubts until I got a sample to feel up IRL. ;) Hope you enjoy the bag!
  10. Gorgeous bag!! congrats on snapping up a lovely bag.

    (ooh, Tejava, I LOVE your current avatar!!)
  11. What a beautiful bag! I love it.

  12. Thanks everyone!

    I work for a LARGE corp, and our incoming CFO is in our office this week. While I was packing up she stopped by my desk to admire my bag! :nuts:
  13. I took some sunlit pics that show off this leather a little better.



    Unstuffed, much more broken in after use


  14. The leather has some depth and variation to it. It has taupe/olive undertones.


  15. This is my favorite Ignes leather! Which is so funny because I usually like softer leather but I love the tones and textures of this one! I can't wait until my Virginia softens up a bit more! Great pics too! It's so funny that you see olive undertones too! I see taupe and mauve in my Virginia!! LOL!! That's what makes it so awesome!