My new to me Classic Flap with ruthenium hardware!


Dec 8, 2007
I found this beauty pre-loved and it is absolutely stunning! Does anyone know exactly what season this was from? I was told it was from 2014 and purchased beginning of this year but I would like to know which season. It's black lambskin with ruthenium hardware. Thanks for letting me share!ImageUploadedByPurseForum1444747923.917252.jpgImageUploadedByPurseForum1444747932.905524.jpgImageUploadedByPurseForum1444747941.443016.jpg
It's probably 14B (Fall 2014 Act 1) The series # flipped over to 20xxxxxx sometime early fall and I don't believe there were any classics for Pre-Fall. Someone else who's 100% sure can chime in. :smile:

Congrats - so pretty!
I believe this is a 14B (specifically, 14B A58600Y04638) from 2014 fall/winter Act 1. This is a beautiful bag and I love this hardware with the lamb! Congrats and enjoy!