My new to me Chanel motorcycle boots!!!

  1. I posted a pic in the shoe section, but thought I would bring these here, as well!! I found them yesterday (secondhand) for $65:nuts: . Put in new insoles, and LOVE THEM!!!!! One of my best bargains EVER!!!
    balenciaga 007.jpg
  2. OMG!!! Those are freaking cool!!!! I want them biotch!!!! I am going to get on a plane, fly to hong kong, hide in the alley, bop you on the head and strip you of those boots, then fly back home and post them on the PF!!!!! So there!
  3. Cute!
  4. Those are so HOT!
  5. Selena!!! I am LMAO!!!! Have you ever heard the term...."boot up your ass"??? Try and take heist my cool boots...and it will be a Chanel "boot up your ass"!!! But seriously....I love them!!!
  6. :drool: VERY cool boots Anne!
  7. When I saw them in the store...they were marked at $125...which was already a bragain, and they were already going to be mine!!! So when I asked for a discount....she immediately said $65 (but in HK dollars)...I almost passed out!!!
  8. :graucho:
    Hey as long as you can get both boots up my ass, I am all over it. So if you see some crazy woman running thru the streets of Hong Kong, with a pair of Chanel Motorcycle boots coming out of her ass, that will be me!
  9. Nice boots. You better watch out for Selena. :smile:
  10. Chased by an even crazier barefoot woman...screaming for her boots back!!!!
  11. I love them!!!
  12. these are really cool boots!!!what a bargain. congrats!!!
  13. Hey Anne, what size are you?
  15. wait.... i am an 8. Selena, these are too small for you. maybe i should go for a