My new (to me) bordeaux day!!

  1. I needed a dark throw around bbag for everyday .. one that I can throw my kids stuff in and throw it in the car without fearing stains and the sort ..
    so without further ado .. my bordeax day!!!

  2. congrats! :biggrin:
  3. Love that color!
  4. one of the most beautiful deep reds! congrats!
  5. thanks you guys i really love it!! I cant stop looking at it!! haha
    the thing that really shocked me is that my 4 year old daughter came into my bedroom while i was moving my stuff from my previos bag into this day and she was like "WOOOOW mommy your bag is really lofely! (thats how she pronounces LOVELY)" then she SNIFFS the bag and is like "it smells niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice!!" .. my kids usually moan and whine about my frequesnt trips to the post office and opening and closing of new packages containing none other than .. bags! haha .. it was sweet how she reacted to this particular one!! hehe
  6. :drool::drool:

    YUMMY!!! Congrats, girl:heart: It's gooorgeous!!!:tender:
  7. It's beautiful!!! Bordeaux is gorgeous color, congrats!!!:love::yahoo:
  8. Love the day style..........especially bordeux. Gorgeous color!

  9. congrats! it's beautiful.
    i'm looking a dark colour too as i've got a lil girl as well :p
  10. OOOOOHHHH I LOVE Bordeaux... I have 2 of them....gorgeous bag.
  11. Great choice! Congrats! I'm dying for a bordeaux work. Seeing your bordeaux day jus make me working even harder on it. Thanks. Enjoy! :dothewave:
  12. Congrats I think the day is really a perfect "day bag"! I love mine and did wear it during all my vaccation.
  13. Gorgeous! And it's so perfectly slouchy - congrats!
  14. Wow! That's a fab color! And you do have a bbag princess in the making - she can tell! Congrats!
  15. it looks so slouchy! congrats!!!