My new-to-me Black Reissue 2.55

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  1. Well I had been debating if this size 2.55 is too small (9.7 x 6 x 3), but I've decided it will be my *lady* bag for the days when I find the need not to carry much. It's so gorgeous and I got a great deal on it so figured it was fate that I keep it :yahoo: What do you all think, is the size ok?



  2. Lovely re-issue!
  3. I should say excuse the sweats! I'm home battling my yearly sinus infection - joy.
  4. i have this size bag in the grey color, and love it! it is small, but i use it when i go out at night and don't really need to carry much. i love the reissue and it looks great on you! i'm glad you decided to keep it!
  5. georgous! btw, how did you get the great deal? which store did you get it at if you don't mind me asking?
  6. It's a great evening bag.:love:
  7. Très Chic !!!!!!!!
    Congrats this bag is just a perfection !!!
  8. Unfortunately I don't go out in eves so I'm hoping it works for work LOL! I'll just have to tone down what I carry.

    newbie - I bought it from a trusted ebay seller who sold it to me for $1000 which I think is a deal as I believe retail is quite a bit more? It's like brand new...