my new to me black day!

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  1. Hi everyone:smile: Not too long ago I posted a reveal for an anthra day with ggh that I had for like a day..I really had my heart set on a black rh day, but went with the anthra. I ended up letting her go and dreaming about a black one..
    Anyway, I found one and she just arrived today! I got an amazing deal on it because it was redyed by LMB from pink to black..they did an amazing job!!!! She looks brand new and perfect!!:yahoo:
    Thanks for letting me share!!!

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  2. Beautiful bag and mod shots! And your baby girl just too cute *^.^* big congrats!
  3. awww thanks molee!
    it looks shinier in the pics than it really is..I had to take it into photoshop to brighten up the was way too dark to's a dark and stormy day in Miami:sad:
  4. congrats! glad you found the bag you were looking for!
  5. Very hot bag, looks great on you! And, so does your baby!!!
  6. Wow - it looks great! Congrats!
  7. thanks!!!!:smile:
  8. Sabina! You got it! It looks great!
  9. Looks great on you. I love the RH black day, such a classic beautiful versatile bag. Congratulations.
  10. congrats! beautiful bag
  11. Congrats, a Black RH Day is a gorgeous combo & it looks great on you....Enjoy!
  12. #12 Sep 24, 2010
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    Gorgeous! Congrats!! And OMG your baby is ADORABLE!!!
  13. OMG, how cute are you guys! :heart::love: That's the most adorable baby. And you're right, bag looks great - brand new and looks great on you. Congrats.
  14. congratulations - such a cute combination! Balenciaga and adorable little girl! The Day does look great on you - hangs beautifully.
  15. Congrats! It looks great on you! And your little girl is adorable. :smile: