My New-to-me BARENIA Birkin 35 *pics*

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  1. I just got this beautiful barenia 35 cm birkin w/gold HW from a wonderful seller recommended by the ladies on PF. I absolutely LOVE it!! Now my dilemma is whether or not the barenia is too similar in fuction/style/look to my current 35cm cognac clemence birkin.

    Some pics of my new baby!! I took some pics both with and without flash. The pics without flash better show the color of the bag. Also a couple of action pics-1 w/the bag closed, the other with it open.

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  2. a few more pics (sorry for the dirty mirror :shame:smile:

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  3. Beautiful! Congratulations! I have your twin but with PHW. I've really enjoyed her. :smile:

    What hardware is your clemence? My clemence Birkin is so floopy that it looks like a completely different bag from the barenia Birkin!
  4. my clemence is gold hw as well! It's definitely very floopy, much more so than the barenia though. Still they are very similar in color.
  5. [​IMG]

    VERY nice indeed, congratulations
  6. L:huh:king fab FeiFei..:tup: cOngrats on your new addition~!
  7. Gorgeous bag with such a character:tup:! Thank you dear feifei for your super-normal reveal:tender:and congratulations on the new to you beauty:flowers: I'm sure you will get along just perfectly fine:okay:
  8. Green with envy, yup, that's me! Absolutely stunning bag, congratulations and enjoy it!
  9. I love barenia, congrats:okay:


  11. i too think that your barenia birkin is gorgeous and full of character...congratulations!
  12. Gorgeous and mighty drool worthy:drool::drool: Congrats to you!!
  13. What a gorgeous bag! It's great, and it looks lovely on you. Congratulations on your find. :smile:
  14. oh my god, it looks gorgeous on you, fantastic !
  15. Oh my...that is beautiful! :tup: