My new-to-me 04 Rose City & HELP!


please help!

  1. 04 Rose City and AnthraTwig

  2. 08BG City and AnthraTwig


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  1. ok so I looooooved my rose twiggy but I thought, well, the 08 bg looks like it will be close in color and I'd rather have it new, so I sold ms. rose twiggy. Then I saw lots of comparison pics of rose and bg08 and they were pretty different, and equally beautiful, so I thought, I'll get the bg08 now while I can and pine after rose for another time. Then a rose city came up on eBay for an awesome price - and you know when your finger makes the arrow hit the BIN button, kind of involuntarily? oops. So it arrived today and I love it - but I can really only afford to keep two Bals right now (and my husband sane). SO. it's keep them both and sell anthratwig but then wonder why I have two pink bals, beautiful as they are. Or let go of one of the pinks - but then, which one?? I'm leaning towards one answer but wanted your thoughts, my friends. here they are, my two beautiful pinks....
  2. Wow, tough choice!!

    Which shade of pink goes better with your wardrobe???
  3. Ooh, I saw that bag and it was so tempting. Congratulations on a stunning bag.
  4. thanks purselover! I have no control...:rolleyes:

    hmwe - ack I really don't know which is better with my wardrobe. honestly, my rose twiggy kind of went with everything. but the bg is just about my favorite color, period.....I'l take them up to my closet and see - although is one better for winter and another for summer?
  5. That's such a tough call! I would lean toward keeping one of the pinks and the Anthra Twiggy since I personally prefer the BG to the Rose, but looking at the two pinks together they seem to make such a cute pair!!
  6. Although 08 BG is lovely, I think the 04 Rose is the prettiest pink Bal. ever made :love:. I also love anthracite, IMO one of the rare "signature" bbag colors you won't find too many other places. So I voted 04 Rose + Anthra Twiggy.
  7. I'm not a pink fan, but I have always LOVED Rose. I would def. keep the Rose, it's much prettier than BG, IMO.
  8. thanks everyone!! loving these opinions - helping me define more in my head - although I'm still TORN! keep'em coming...
  9. I'm not normal, but I'd keep the 2 pinks! Really, if you have to choose, '04 Rose will always be a lot harder to come by for a reasonable price. You have a while yet to be able to comfortably get another BG if you regret giving it up too much. I really love my new BG bag, but Rose is one of my all-time favorite BAL colors and I'd never let it go.
  10. Erm.. I'm no help because I'll keep all 3!!
  11. ARRRRGH yes I know I'd keep all three too! And I'm not normal either, so there's definitely the chance that I'd keep both pinks and only have two bbags, both the same general hue haha!

  12. It depends on the condition of the 04 Rose City. You have it in your hands, so only you would know...Did the seller make an accurate description in the eBay ad??? This is always a problem when buying 2nd hand HG's...Anyway, if the condition of the Rose is mint, I say keep it. If not, I say sell it and keep the new 08 BG.
  13. rose for sure!!!
  14. well, I have to say the rose is in EXCELLENT condition, especially because I know the rose twiggy I had earlier was a little faded in areas - not so in this case. Lots of rich color all over - I think I got REALLY lucky and got an amazing deal too, considering availabiliity of a bag like this. LEANING towards Rose, ladies, now for BG vs. Anthra...:sweatdrop:
  15. Hey, I wanna vote twice. :upsidedown: