My new tiny BV treasures!

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  1. Oh my , I couldn't post pictures yesterday .
    I got these lovelies over Mother's Day weekend.
    I had to get the bluette lanyard to extend my strap on my iron bag. I love it:smile:

    The little zip coin wallet is so cute and perfect for my money and cards. I love the color.I got the wallet from Woodbury Commons.
    Thanks so much to Frienziedhandbag for all of her help enabling me and pointing me in the right direction:heart::smooch:

    Why is Bottega so addictive ???

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  2. One more pic:P

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  3. So pretty. They are perfect together. As to why they are so addictive? Because they are so darn nice!
  4. I love both lanyards and baby wallets. What great spring colors!
  5. Thanks! You're right, they are so nice and unique.
  6. Thank you! I love a pop of color after a gray drab Winter.
    Too bad I bought a few things before I knew about the sales happening everywhere :pout:
  7. Very pretty! I have a card case in the bluette, it is a nice color, and I really like the little pink wallet too. Bright accessories are fun!
  8. They're beautiful! I love the bright colors for the small leather goods.
  9. BV SLGs are so addictive! Enjoy.
  10. Pretty pretty pretty
  11. I love a pop of color. Those are perfect. Enjoy!
  12. Thanks so much! I love that they brighten my day:smile:)
    I will post pictures of the lanyard as an extension to my iron bag.
  13. Oh, the little coin purse is adorable! Are the other pieces Bluette?
  14. Thanks:P
    Yes, the bag and lanyard are Bluette . I wanted them to match so I could extend the strap.
    It's such a happy color:biggrin:
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