my new tiffany earings!

  1. Very cute! Modelling pics to follow? :smile:
  2. yes, those earrings are really nice!! i had those for a moment in time until i noticed how fragile the metal was. i suggest you shouldn't store it in the pouch because sometimes as you are opening the pouch, you don't want to put any pressure on it which could cause the hook part to bend. this happened to me and i was like...ARGH, so i returned it. it is also a pretty heavy piece to wear. what are you thoughts about that?
  3. Those are nice congrats!
  4. Those are so cute! Congrats!
  5. gabz, I like those!!!

    Congrats! Very modern and pretty!
  6. oooh, very sleek and elegant! congrats.
  7. congrats!