my new Tiffany 34" Oval tag chain

  1. I wanted to layer but I didn't own anything over 18", so my honey:love: bought this for me last week. Here's a pic taken w/Tiffany puffed heart necklace.
  2. i love how it looks layered with that other necklace-SOOO cute! :okay:

    do you mind my asking where that top is from? it's absolutely GORGEOUS :wtf:
  3. Very cute! I have the oval tag 34" necklace and the heart tag 34" necklace...they are among my fav T&Co pieces! :smile:
  4. The combination of the 2 looks really nice... congrats!
  5. Thanks ya'll !! :smile:

    (oh, I bought it at Charlotte Russe)
  6. wow that top is from charlotte russe ? ITS TOO CUTE!
  7. Very cute! I love you top!
  8. omg i'm getting that for christmas!! do they still sell the one with the heart tag and the ball chain in the store? I saw it online but I don't know if it has a ball chain...
  9. They also sell the chains seperately at your local Tiffany's, call to be sure- so they can order it in for you, just in case.;)
  10. very cute!
  11. Very cute! Your top is super cute too!
  12. Thanks so much!
  13. Nice!