My new Tian Espadrilles

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  1. I've loved the Tian pattern by GUCCI since I first saw it and knew I had to get something in this collection. Today I picked up the Tian espadrilles and I love them. Besides being stunning to look at they're actually comfortable :smile:

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  2. These are soooo sweet congratulations (I could do with borrowing them today :sunshine: )
  3. I absolutely love these! I purchased a different espadrille on sale but yours are way nicer. Just gorgeous!
  4. Wow, love them!
  5. Love them!
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    Wow really beautiful. Are there any Bloom espadrilles?
  7. Yes there are! Go check em out!
  8. Thanks everyone.

    I'm just amazed at the art work of this Tian pattern, it's so beautiful. Even my hubby likes them.
  9. Went down to the Gucci boutique yesterday to look at the espadrilles. They didn't have the Tian but had the Blooms in pink and blue. I'm so tempted to get a pair. Are Gucci espadrilles comfortable? Also saw the Tian and Blooms slippers. Anyone bought slippers by Gucci before? Do they slip off?
  10. I love these - are they comfortable? I have never owned espadrilles before and saw these online where they caught my eye.. I was thinking of getting a pair for when I go to NYC for one week in June. Would they be suitable or are they delicate/not really suitable for long days walking?

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  11. Wow, these are really cool, congrats!!
    P.S.: The box looks very nice as well
  12. These are really nice! Can you comment on the quality and how they're holding up in the short time that you've had them? I am thinking of getting either these or the bloom ones! Thanks 😊
  13. Hi , are you still enjoying your shoes ? I am planning on getting one but unsure if it is comfortable ..
  14. Beautiful!!
  15. Soo pretty