My new three colour Blenheim

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    My first trip to Shepton Mallet Outlet was successful. I authenticated my ginger Annie and was told it's authentic (you may remember I posted the photos in September in autheticate-it thread and was quite worried that it was a fake).

    I was so relieved and happy that I bought a Limited Edition Blenheim. It was reduced to £148 from £495. I think the 3 colours are called almond, oak and chestnut (not sure about this one).

    I wanted to get Blenheim for a long time. They had it in Olive half price but I thought this one is more unusual. My OH paid for it (:p) which is nice. Here it is:

  2. Great bag, love the colours looks great!!
  3. It looks lovely might order one for myself. What else did they have?
  4. That's nice, very striking in three colours :tup:
  5. Thanks guys! :smile:

    Dexter, I bought it on 28 December so the stock could have changed since that time. I had a nasty cold in January and also had to replace the hard disc on my computer so couldn't post earlier. But hey, I survived January! :yahoo:

    I remember they had Bayswater in berry, ginger (limited edition with beads), purple patent (it was gorgeous!). Some nice messenger bags like Martha and Lichfield (sp?), Phoebe in Oak and Olive half price, Blenheim half price (olive was very nice). I wanted to see Bayswater in Poppy in real life but they were all gone. Anny in oak but it was only 30% off. Black and oak Bayswater were 30% off, not quite sure, but they are never reduced half price.
  6. Thanks for letting me know. Phoned all the outlets but no luck with the Blenheim - all sold out. Just as well I think as I want to buy the Mollie and can't afford both. Though I like the look of the special edition Blenheim,.
  7. Congrats, Jo-Mitzi, very cute bag! And unusual with the stitching - great buy!
  8. Beautiful bag. It is really very striking- enjoy it. Have never seen this version before.
  9. I like it!
  10. They had Limited Edition Roxanne in those colours as well, I don't remember whether it was half price reduction or not. Very unusual indeed.
  11. Jo-Mitzi - great looking bag!!! Bet Roxanne looks great too!!!
  12. Thanks Kroquet. I planned to go to Bicester Outlet last Saturday which is about 1 hour drive from us but, sods law, got a stinking cold. What a shame. Oh well, my credit card is safe now.