My new things.... :)

  1. I've gotten these over the past few months. The first pic is of the new signature soho hobo in light blue. I really love the strap, that sits on your shoulder, is thinner. I also think the background color is not the same as in the catalog. The second pic is of the pill box and pocket calendar in doe and the legacy stripe wristlet.
    DSCN0559_edited.jpg DSCN0558_edited.jpg
  2. Lovely! The hobo is really cute, thanks for sharing.
  3. Love the hobo....I've been trying to see how I could justify getting it for myself when I really don't wear much light blue.:drool:
  4. congrats!!
  5. beautiful bag! you're right, the new hobos straps are thinner. i think this way coach can satisfy both types of customers, those who like it thick and those who like it thin ;)

    i was going to get the pill box but i don't really take pills i got the contact case instead but it's really cute! and the legacy stripe wristlet too!
  6. Cute hobo, looks like a really cool bag for spring.
  7. Love the light blue! Cute stuff!
  8. Very nice!

    I think I am going to get the light blue hobo! I :heart: IT!
  9. love the blue hobo.. very nice
  10. love everything you got!!!!! Thanks sooo much for sharing!!
  11. Now I want that hobo even more! All are so pretty, congrats.
  12. Congratulations and what a sweet hobo.
  13. so pretty!! congrats! :biggrin:
  14. congrats! i love that hobo!
  15. Very Pretty!! :yes: