My New things! Comic keyfob!

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  1. I finally got around to taking pictures of my new things! First off is my new comic keyfob! It's sooo cute! I wish there was a way to take the keychain off and just have the clip. alas, I'll live with it because it's SO MUCH FUN!

    Next is my new beauty case I got off eBay! I've never seen this case before so I feared for it's authenicity. It's really cute and a lot smaller then the current case degians. AND my new purfume solid. The case is sooo cute and it's really sturdy and heavy. I was surprised! Eep I'm so excited! Now if only I could find a Coach checkbook cover I'd be happy. ;)
    purse5.jpg purse4.jpg
  2. Very cute!! I love the perfume solid - I was thinking of getting it too. Congrats, it's all beautiful! :yes:
  3. LOVE your new loot!

    The comic keychain really pops against your whiskey bag!

  4. Very nice! The comic key fob is so fun. Beauty case is very pretty.
  5. Lovely.
  6. congrats!
  7. The key chain adds lots of color to your bag! Very nice.
  8. I LOVE THE COMIC KEYFOB! it looks so great on your bag
  9. love your new things!
  10. I agree with everyone, that comic keyfob looks great!
  11. Congrats! Love that keychain!
  12. Looks so cute on your bag!:yes:
  13. that keychain rocks my socks. BAM! ZAP ZAP! BAM! :biggrin: haha. congrats & enjoy your lovelies!
  14. I love the keyfob!!!
  15. Epp! Thanks everyone! I also recently got my Legacy Stripe coinpurse and my legacy stripe wristlet but pics are those arein another thread. Mannn I've spent way too much on Coach this month! :nuts: