My new tennis bracelet reset

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  1. so, as I posted in another thread, I had a tennis bracelet that I was not wearing. One of my fellow PF'ers gave me the idea of making it into an eternity band. So, here it is!..Im very pleased with how it came out. The diamonds look so much better without all the metal from the bracelet. I have 24 left over, so now they are going to make a cushion halo around some diamond studs that I never used either. I think Im going to have them on a leverback.

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  2. beautiful!
  3. What a great reset, it looks perfect with your e-ring.
  4. What an awesome reset! I never even thought about doing that. The band is very pretty!
  5. Very nice!!!
  6. Gorgeous!
  7. That really is a pretty reset. Nice
  8. thanks so much for your nice comments...Im so glad that I decided to do the reset..Im looking forward to seeing my new earings in a couple of I said, I never would have thought of doing this if it wasnt for PF!....
  9. Stunning :smile:
  10. I finally got my new diamond earings...they used the remainder of my diamonds from my tennis bracelet and voila!....I had the studs already but I never wore them...they are 1 carat each.....thanks TPF for the idea!

    sorry for the messy hair, but trying to take this pic was a little awkward..:smile:...

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  11. the whole set is just stunning-absolutely love it!!!!
  12. Wow!

    what a great idea to repurpose something you were not using to add to a new layer of stunning to items you will get more use out of!

    Modeling shots of the ear are the hardest, awkwardest pics to take, but your ears look stunning!
  13. yay for recycling!
  14. Gorgeous! Love both your new ring and the earrings!
  15. Love both resets...great idea!