My new temporary wedding band....

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  1. Well, Im due with our second child in the next few week and unfortunately my fingers are too swollen for my wedding set.:crybaby:. It's so sad cuz I LOVE my wedding set....anyway, I went to and found a cheap 'replacement', just something pretty to wear until my set fits again. Then once they go down in size I can wear it on my middle finger on my right hand (my largest finger i think)...what do you think? I can't wait til it comes in the mail! I know that they usually ship insanely fast (all my Tiffany's collection is pretty much from since I don't have one local) but I'm so impatient!!
  2. very good choice. i have a plain 18k i wear instead of my diamond set sometimes.
  3. ^^
    that is very pretty too!
  4. Pretty ring!
  5. it is pretty,love it.
  6. Pretty! And congrats on being a new mummy :smile:
  7. lovely - i had my eye on the notes ring too ... congrats on your baby!! xx
  8. Thank you so much ladies! I just got an email saying its on its way today!!:yahoo:I'm so excited to get it, I dont remember my fingers swelling this much with my son....:shrugs:
  9. Well, the ring is a total disappointment :crybaby:. I was so excited to get it but when it finally came (6pm...gotta love the quickness of UPS) I was not happy with how plain it was. I thought you'd be able to make out the words on it better but even that stunk cuz I thought the notes ring would say "tiffany & co" "i love you" wrapped around it. Nope. It said the Tiffany's address on it. Great next time I get lost trying to get there. Needless to say, its going! i was so excited about it too...:sad:
  10. Oh, divadivine! I"m so sorry the ring disappointed you :sad:
  11. oh darn! will you get your original choice now?
  12. Well, instead of mailing it back, I'm going to take a little trip to Tiffany's tomorrow in New Jersey (probably the closest one to me without having to go to NY city....) and exchange it, actually see a bunch of rings in person and decide on another one. I'll post and let you guys know what I choose! I was so excited about this one too...I hate being that disappointed, know what i mean?
  13. Sorry about the disappointment but I'm sure being at the store will help you pick the best ring. Have fun at the store!
  14. Thanks! To tell you the truth, I'm kinda excited about going and doing my shopping in the store as opposed to online....that way I get the great service (hopefully!) and attention that makes it even more special. :P