My new Teal Twiggy!

  1. Just got it from the PO and it is sooooo nice and smooshy! All the tassels are driving me a little crazy though. Might have to do something about that!


  2. Ooooh - so pretty! I love that colour, congratulations!
  3. Beautiful! Congrats!
  4. Congrats!! She is beautiful!:love:
  5. Just beautiful! Love the color! Congrats!
  6. Gina, you lucky son-of-a-gun! That is a gorgeous teal twiggy!
  7. Congratulations!!! It is beautiful :smile:
  8. I:heart: it. Just beautiful:love: ............ Congtrats:graucho:
  9. Love the color! Congrats
  10. OHH thats gorgeous!

    Im on a hunt for a bright colored Twiggy or City.

    The Teal is going to be on my want list. =)
  11. Gorgeous! You're so lucky! :smile:
  12. Great color! Congrats!
  13. Awesome color, it's beautiful :heart:
  14. :yes: Beautiful twiggy!! Congrats on your new baby!
  15. Soooooooooo jealous!
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