My New Teal Lambskin Bag!!!!

  1. This is such a beautiful bag. I finally went to South Coast Plaza and bought the last one. $2495. Silver hardware and can be worn with 2 lambskin straps or hand held with a short chain. Gorgeous teal color. Heres a few photos:yahoo: :yahoo:
    teal2.jpg teal3.jpg teal1.jpg
  2. Wow that color is gorgeous! Congrats!
  3. Gorgeous bag. Enjoy!!!!
  4. Holy Moly!!!!!!!!!

    So Pretty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. CONGRATS!!!!!! I love it!! Modeling pics please!!!
  6. soo unique .. congrats :biggrin:
  7. I almost bought that bag yesterday! They have it in teal & black at my Saks. It is a fabulous bag. I think it looks even better in person.
  8. congrats, hillary parsons, you bought it :yahoo: !! that really is a beautiful bag! everytime i've been in that boutique, i always look for that bag. so glad it went to a loving home :smile: .
  9. this is soooo hot!!! you must post pics modeling it .
  10. I love the color! Congrats!!!
  11. Nice color.
  12. Congrats!!!!!!!!!! I've never seen this bag before - very unique and a gorgeous colour!! Enjoy!!!
  13. Thanks so much everyone. I will add photos soon of me modelling the bag.

    Happy Chanel shopping:yahoo: :yahoo:
  14. so THIS is the bag you were talking about! gorgeous!!!
  15. Love it. What line is this from? Not sure since I'm a newbie to Chanel.