My New Taupe Stam and Family Picture!

  1. I'm so excited, I finally found a new 2005 Stam! :yahoo: Although it is technically my Christmas present I thought I'd show her off a bit early. Enjoy!!
    Taupe Stam.jpg Group Photo.jpg
  2. Congrats Melly! We're bag sisters now!! Love the taupe... nothing like that burgundy suede. Merry Christmas to you!
  3. Love the stam!!! Love your incredible collection even more, Melly. It is amazing. Happy holidays :smile:
  4. Oh Melly, I'm so Jelly (<--jealous). We are dusty plum Lola sisters as well as Bordeaux ZC sisters..hehe.
    They look like beauty pageant contestants...and the winner is....:yahoo:
  5. :nuts::drool:
  6. Wow! I am speechless, you have the most gorgeous MJ collection. Thanks for sharing your picutres.
  7. Again, your collection is AMAZING!!!!!!! Congrats on finding her, lucky girl!
  8. Melly - you're my bag idol!! :nuts::yahoo: I love everything!!! :love::love: Congrats on your Taupe Stam - I can't think of a better Christmas present for a true MJ lover as yourself.
  9. Congrats!! I love the stams with the suede lining..... and your collection is amazing!
  10. Wow Melly, they're all gorgeous, congrats on your new additions. Happy Holidays and enjoy your bags :smile:
  11. :nuts::wtf: Melly!! your collection is incredible!!!
  12. Congrats Melly! Gorgeous! :drool:
  13. :wacko: wow. that collection is! your collection is beautiful! you have such great taste. i love love :heart: your chilli hudson!
  14. Melly - if you start renting out all your bags, you could make some serious extra cash :biggrin: Not that you would want to share it! I love all your bags!!
  15. what is the color of the venetia next to the christie? is that maroon??