my new tarina tarantino jewelry~

  1. They are not her new line, but they're my new jewelry collection:love:
    Welcome to show me your TT collection:tender:
  2. I love Hello Kitty, and I love you jewelry! I remember buying my first Hello Kitty keychain with my allowance when I was six. My sister and niece bought me this Tarina Tarantino necklace for Christmas:
  3. I LOVE TT stuff! Great pieces! Mine are in the attached pic :smile:
  4. I love that hello kitty piece!!!
  5. Rebecca, I love your pieces!! Is that green one a ring or a brooch? :love:
  6. v. cute! love all the TT pieces :smile:
  7. Thanks! It's a little ring! It's cute but there are green beads attached with that clear stretchy fishing line stuff and its BIG. I've barely worn it because it slides right off my finger. When I do wear it, I have to hold it on. :push:
    But it's cute anyway haha.
  8. ^ ohh what a fun ring!! love it Rebecca!
  9. i love hello kitty stuff
  10. Tara Tarantino makes the coolest jewelry/
  11. Thanks!:smile:
  12. I lovveee the Pink Head line!
  13. Aww.. how cute are these !
  14. WOW! CUTE! where did you get those please share? haha
  15. You can purchase them on the official website of tarina tarantino.
    Or you can google it and it will pop up lots of websites that sell her jewelry. I bought mine at Sanrio in the Nordstrom Chicago. :yes: