My new Tano

  1. tano1.jpg tano2.jpg tano3.jpg
  2. Oh, PS: I also ordered the white Besso Motorcycle coming soon. :smile:
  3. SO CUTE! I love it!
  4. Congrats!
  5. I just got the Burgandy Besso Motorcycle Bag. I have to say I'm impressed. Very nice squishy leather that has a great leather smell. I went in late last night to try to get another deal but they must be out. I tried nearly all the Besso's and none would make it into my cart. Only did the Gold Bag go in, and then I realized the WOW code I passed.

  6. That is a gorgeous color!

    Pictures just won't do them justice. The leather is great.
    I thought the WOW code went through Oct. 31. That's a bummer!
  7. Congrats on your new Tano, I just love that line. The leathers are wonderful and the prices great. AND I love the fashion boutique..great deals and great service too.
    Lexie, sorry you didn't get to use the code; but I bet if you send the owner an email she'll honor it - it's still up on the website.
  8. I did use the code on my last order but yesterday when I tried (It was still the 31st) it said that the code expired. Plus...I think all the bags were sold out. I kept trying to add bags to my cart and then they wouldn't be in there. The only one I got in was a Gold Bag and then it denied me the code so I left it be. Tonight none of the bags would go in my cart either. Other lines other than Besso went in, but not any of the Besso's. I figured that huge sale sold them out and they haven't updated their site yet.
    I think I could talk my sister into letting me get my neice a inspired Bag for Christmas. Any new Besso or Lush codes?
  9. I love TANO too. Your bag is super cute. ENJOY!!

  10. Congrats!!
  11. Adorable! Congratulations!
  12. Congrats on a lovely bag!
  13. This is so beautiful! I kept going back and forth on this bag and after seeing your pics -- I ordered it last night! The WOW code did work at 11 p.m. central time... It was also the only Besso bag that I tried that was still in stock. I hope so anyway! I also wanted the black one for $98 but it was gone.
  14. That's my favorite Tano bag! Congrats!! The leather looks amazing!
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