My new Taiga belt and Epi Credit Card & Yen Holder

I've been so out of the LV loop lately and with tPF due to school and working all of the time. :wacko: The two LV purchases I recently made were the black Taiga Classic Belt with the Silvery Buckle and the black Epi Credit Card & Yen Holder. I use the belt mainly for work, and I friggin' love it! :tup: I haven't really used the Epi wallet yet because I can't seem to stop using my Damier Pocket Agenda for a while! :Push:

I received the MJ/LV DVD from a fellow tPF'er, Mcbg1, as a b-day pressie, which was back in October... Thanks again D! :tup:

So yeah... without further adieu, here are the pics. I miss you all and hope that my new school schedule isn't as hectic as it is now!



Aug 13, 2007
Oh that belt looks great ... thinking about the same one for hubby. Love your new wallet too ... congrats! Hang in there with school ... it'll all be worth it someday!


Vacuous? Au Courant?
Sep 20, 2006
Sunny island set in the sea
Very nice! Congrats! I have a lust for Taiga lately, looks so stylish :smile:.
And I got the DVD too, I'm kinda intrigued that Anna Wintour noticed the Gold Street PM. (duno whether that's a good thing, lol)