My new Tag Heuer "Uma" Link Chronograph watch!

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  1. Ohh..I was so bad today, completely frivolous but I'm now sporting the LE Tag Heuer 'Uma' Link watch with 63 diamonds:yahoo:. Guess I'll put off painting the house for a month or two..
    my new 'Uma' Tag Heuer Chronograph Link watch.gif
  2. Beautiful!
  3. It wont let me see it.... :sad:
  4. Same here :sad: I really want a Tag Heuer for Christmas this year. Can you try posting pictures again, Megadane? :nuts:
  5. Can't see it either :sad: ...But I know what it looks like and it is soooo pretty! If I were buying a Tag I'd totally get this one too! Congrats! :yahoo:
  6. Sorry about the pics ladies!! I'll try again:smile: I'm having severe buyers remorse though. I never spontaneously buy something this expensive and put it on credit-I will have it paid off in probably 2 months but I love having my c/c at zero and always keep my balance at zero:crybaby:. I can transfer it to a low 2.9% account for 3 months though... Ha, looks like I'm looking for some some reassurance, LOL!
    Anyway, here a few pics...
    Picture 211.jpg
  7. you won't be sorry. that watch is seriously something. hey, we got to splurg and make ourselves feel fantastic sometimes. i could imagine how you feel everytime when you look at it because the diamonds must be so sparkling. i think that is what makes it so amazing! i'm sure you'll feel amazing all the time when wearing it. many compliments will be flowing in, i'm sure of that. thanks for reposting the picture.
  8. Hee hee, well, yes it is pretty special and thank you for the words of 'encouragement'! I agree that we all need to splurge once in awhile:tup:.
  9. Oooh, it's beautiful! :drool: Don't worry about splurging on yourself every once in a while. If you can handle it financially, even if it means carrying a balance for a month, a gorgeous watch you'll wear forever is worth it. Just focus on paying off the card ASAP and enjoy your gorgeous purchase! :nuts:
  10. pretty and BLING!!!Love it!!!!
  11. Its magnificent! The house you wont notice when you are wearing that watch!!! It looks like a perfect size too on your wrist, not small, but not overbearing. I will look into that myself as so far I dont love any watches that much not even the high end ones, but yours looks great!
  12. fabulous:tup:

    i luv tag's! my first one was 15 yrs ago (sports with moon rock face) which I lost or stolen 7yrs ago:sad: and I sadly misses till today. I replaced it with alter ego matte with black face.
  13. OMG!!!! I Love It!!!
  14. Thanks ladies..I'm starting to get over my mindless guilt trip, LOL, I usually save for such a purchase but not this time! I guess we can all indulge once in awhile..thanks for all of your positive comments:smile:
    Have a great day!
  15. Wow thats huge! Its lovely though - congratulations.