My new Sydney Evan necklace -- a little bling

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  1. Hi everyone!

    I have been searching for a small hamsa necklace and fell in love with the one that Lauren Conrad wears all the time. I did some research here and found out it was made by Sydney Evan. Since I don't wear much yellow gold, I special ordered it in white gold from Bergdorf's and it finally arrived! I love how small and delicate it is. Please excuse the poor quality of the pictures -- I had macro on, but it still came out very fuzzy.

    Thanks for letting me share!

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  2. Aw it is lovely! I have always liked that pendant since I saw it on Lauren. I am tempted by the Sydney Evans angel wing necklace at the mo!

    Is it sparkly?

    Enjoy :biggrin:
  3. i love that a LOT! i like the tiny size with so much sparkle.
  4. pretty! i love it :smile:
  5. I love Sydney Evan! I have the bow necklace and adore it! Love yours!
  6. That is very cool!
  7. Really Nice!! Love the size.
  8. Love this! I've been thinking about getting the Roberto Coin hamsa, but I love how delicate this one is.
  9. Thanks for the lovely compliments! It is very sparkly and delicate in person.

    ahertz - I actually owned the Roberto Coin Hamsa necklace, but ultimately sold it to buy the Sydney Evan version. I thought that the RC version was really lovely, but a little flashier than I prefer for wear everyday. The great thing about the RC version is that the chain is adjustable. The secret ruby in the back made it extra special as well. If you can go see both in person, I would really recommend it.
  10. beautiful! do you have a modeling pic?
  11. super cute!
  12. gorgeous!! congrats!!