My New Super Thick 2008 Black RH Work!

  1. I got this from "E" ... thick, thick leather. I am now obsessed w/ the Work. I am leaving for Seattle in the morning, so I will post modeling pics when I get home.

  2. ^^ OMG, that's STUNNING!!! :wtf::drool::love:
  3. Yummy.:drool:
  4. Congrats! Black Work is as much of a staple as black city!
  5. NICEEE :drool:
  6. Gorgeous!!!!
  7. Oooh that's gorgeous!!! :yahoo:

    Don't you have a Black RH City as well? Are black bbags becoming your fav? :p
  8. Congrats, she's a beauty! The leather is sooo slouchy too. Can't wait for modeling pics!!
  9. Beautiful! I bought my 08 black RH day from "E" and it is super thick as well. I am loving the thick and ultra distressed 08 blacks!!
  10. wow that's totally gorgeous!!!
  11. wow! That looks amazing! Can't wait to see modeling pics!
  12. Beautiful, Shasta! That's what I'm afraid will happen once I get a work I like - then I have to get all my favorite colors in the work size too! :nuts:
  13. beautiful!!
    sorry to ask but who or what is "E"?
  14. very nice. congrats!
  15. Look at the leather!! OMG!!