My new Sunglasses!

  1. A little reveal for everyone today.

    I stopped by my LV store to check out something and I came home with these gorgeous new sunglasses. The sun is starting to shine in San Francisco again after a few weeks of rain so I decided to celebrate by buying myself a new pair of LV sunglasses :yahoo:

    I must say, LV sunglasses are super comfy. I have sunglasses from almost every other brand (Chanel, Marc Jacobs, D&G, Prada, Valentino, etc) but these are by far the most comfy. They seem to fit just right on the bridge of your nose. :smile:

    I love the LV flower on the side of the sunglasses. very pretty :heart:
    m131622774.jpg m131622740.jpg
  2. it's soooo pretty!!! congrats!!!!!!!
  3. Now I want a pair of LV sunglasses haha, nice!
  4. I love the shape of the frames and the handles!
    congrats! Very pretty!!
  5. cute congrats!
  6. thanks :smile: you guys should definitely get a pair of LV sunglasses. I am not kidding when I say they are super comfy. They seem to sit just perfectly on the bridge of your nose thus resulting in a very comfy fit.
  7. Cute sunglasses. Congrats!
  8. so pretty, congrats!
  9. Congrats, love the classic shape and the flower's too pretty!
  10. I love the shape- congrats!!
  11. I agree LV sunnies are amazing plus they have two fittings so you can chose the fit best for you

    Congrats on your new sunnies there are so many pretty one's this season!
  12. I LOVE these sunnies! :love: What is the name of this style? TIA!
  13. I love you new Ursulas, I cant wait till I get my white Bindies.
  14. I love these!!! I've tried them on and they're very, very nice! Congrats!!
  15. nice us modelling pics...:p:tup: