my new sunglasses!

  1. I received my first Dior product for Christmas!

    I am so excited. I had an incident with a pair of Juicy sunglasses and the boyfriend bought me these. I think he did pretty good for a guy who hates to shop.

    Now for my glasses...They are the grand salon x-large sunglasses. They are a little intimidating for me since they're so big, but I'm finding that I'm breaking them right in.

  2. FANCY! :drool: love them!
  3. Those are really nice, your bf has great taste. Congrats!
  4. wow, pretty! congrats!
  5. Ooh pretty! I'm usually intimidated by big glasses too but I'm sure they look great on you!
  6. OH very cool! I love it! :tup:
    Any modeling pics?
  7. those are great!

    please post some modelling pics! :graucho:
  8. I really like those! Congratulations of having them! :smile:
  9. great glasses I really like them