My new sunglasses :)

  1. Last year I bought a pair of sunglasses - a pair of Gucci with black lenses. I don't know why but I had to stop wearing them (I had headaches when I wore them). I gave them to my sister (she says she doesn't have my same problem when she puts them on), so I was looking for a new pair. I don't like sunglasses with logos or too much bling, so I opted for a pair of Oliver Peoples. They are really expensive (my wallet is still crying :cry:smile: but they are gorgeous, I totally love them :love:

    What do you think?
    Immagine 018.jpg Immagine 021.jpg Immagine 031.jpg
  2. Great choice! They loook great on you and O P shades are so worth it!
  3. Great glasses! Enjoy!
  4. They look fantastic on you, great choice.
  5. They're pretty, and they look great on you! I agree with Swanky, Oliver Peoples shades are worth the splurge :nuts:
  6. Which style is that? I love them - alone and on you! They look like the Bella Donna?
  7. The model is 'Candice', which is quite similar to 'Cameo' and 'Belladonna'.
  8. Beautiful glasses, they look great on you and I hope they are comfortable to wear. I seem to find when I switch glasses it takes me a day or two to get used to the fit on the ears (strange?).
  9. Love, love, love Oliver Peoples!....and yes, they are sooo expensive, but like you I couldn't resist. The sunglasses look amazing on you, gorgeous....I think they were worth every penny!
  10. I'm really like those. They look great on you. This place is making me want sunglasses.
  11. They look great on you! Still looking for sunglasses that compliment my face. I bought the OP Vanadis online recently, and it looked ridiculously huge on me.
  12. I love Oliver Peoples!
  13. Me likey :biggrin:
  14. they look great on you and something tht you will use more than 4 times a week is always worth it, by the way what name do they have so I can look for them, I know they are O P, but what style name?
  15. If you get headaches when you wear some sunglasses,you may want to consider Polarized lenses,as headaches are often an indication that you are sensitive to glare.Believe it or not,sunglasses really only take the edge off the sun (and look cute,of course),they don't cut out glare unless they are polarized.If you start getting headaches with your new sunglasses,you should probably have an eye exam,and if they find that you do not need vision correction,you can still have Plano (non-rx) Polarized lenses made (if you do need correction,they can make RX sun lenses).Just a little tip from your friendly neighborhood Optician.:biggrin: