My New Sunglass

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  1. I saw it (Desmayo Cateye) online and thought it looks really cute for the summer, espically with the monogram flowers. It'll def be a head turner *i hope*

    What i also love about it, is that it doesn't touch my eyelashes!! i have a pretty flat nose and most sunglasses touche my eyelash when i blink :sweatdrop:.
    So yay for this! :nuts:

    I chose the brown over the violet, because the brown have golden linings for the flowers and violet don't

  2. omg congrats!!! PLEASE show us modeling pictures!!! I've been eyeing these for a while too.
  3. Congrats
  4. Nice!!!
  5. cute congrats I'd love to see modeling pics they are pretty unique glasses
  6. wow it's pretty, congrats!
  7. :nuts: how gorgeous.
  8. I LVoe these....just waiting to decide between these (in rectangle) or the Dorothy.....Congrats
  9. Very cute indeed. Hmmm never tried LV Sunglasses maybe I should Take A Look Sometime ;)
  10. They are really cute!
  11. Congrats! I am dying to see modelling pics! :yes:
  12. They're SO PRETTY! Congrats!
  13. Congrats, can't wait to see the modeling pics! It is so beautiful!
  14. hehe it IS pretty cute! i have a flat nose too and i definately tried on every lv sunglasses they had on display and this was one of the only two that fits my nose. =P
  15. Would love to see modeling pics. I know exactly what you mean about your eyelashes touching the lenses. I have that same problem.

    Because of your thread, I ended up ordering these today too! They look so pretty. I hope I like them as much in person as I do online. Hopefully they'll be here Weds or Thurs.