My New Summer Bags :)

  1. I just found some new summer bags at the outlet in Freeport, Maine this week.

    One is a Legacy Straw Tote, and a White Lunch Tote. Let me know what you think!

    Oh, it also occured to me that I've never posted pictures of my collection, so check it out :smile:

  2. Very nice!! I especially love the straw bag! I lived in Maine for 4 years and *loved* going to Freeport!! Except during tourist season :p
    Nice collection!
  3. the straw tote is to die for!!! i want one
  4. Love the lunch tote...what other colors did it come in?
  5. I WANT one of those straw totes! Beautiful!
  6. So pretty!
  7. Very cute bags!! Love your blue scarf too!!
  8. congrats!
  9. Great collection, your new straw tote is very pretty.
  10. o0o, nice stuff!!
    I love that lunch tote.
  11. great collection and SUCH cute new stuff!!! i love the straw tote and the lunch one i jsut am way too messy to keep white clean ;) hehe
  12. Thank you for sharring pics! Your collection is great!
    I love your two new bags so pretty!
  13. love the straw tote, and i am not normally a fan of straw.
  14. Thanks everyone :smile:

    I actually only paid $167 (that includes tax) for the straw tote, good deal IMO.

    I can't remember what other colors the lunch tote came in. The stire had it on white, blue, camel, and I think green.
  15. Nice collection!! Oh and great new stuff too, lol. I think I may need a signature shoulder bag, lol.