My new summer bag!

  1. I just got this today!!! :graucho:



    Jasmin with wallet. :heart:

    I can't wait till Vegas! more LV shopping!!!:yahoo:
  2. Gorgeous, congrats!
  3. nice purchase.... i love jasmin.. ivory? beautiful....
    enjoy it!
  4. pretty jasmin ! congrats !
  5. so cute, congrats!!
  6. Very pretty! I love the Jasmin! Enyoy it.:smile:
  7. wow!
    gorgeous!! :drool:

  8. pretty, congrats!
  9. VERY nice .. congrats:heart:
  10. Very very Pretty.
  11. very pretty!!! Congrats! Your wallet is nearly as big as the Jasmin! Is it a smallish bag?
    Love ivoire! So perfect for summer!
  12. Love your Jasmin, congrats!
  13. The shape and colour of this is so elegant!
  14. It's gorgeous!!!! Congrats :smile:
  15. Love the Jasmin. Congrats!!