My new stuff!

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  1. I went shopping today at Rodeo Drive and got away with 3 new things! I am in love. :yahoo:

    The sunglasses have to be the best thing I got today. On the lense theres like a monogram print on it when it gets shined on! I tried to take a picture of it but I dont know if it got captured.

    I also have a Pomme Coeur coming in (hopefully) from the East or something.

    First pic - Damier Naviglio
    Second pic - Vernis Pomme Trousse
    Third pic - Illusion Sunglasses (?)
    Fourth pic - Close up of the lense
    naviglio.JPG tousse.JPG sunglasses.JPG closeup.JPG
  2. WoW!!! :nuts:

    Now that is what I call a *FAB* haul.

    I :heart: everything .... especially those *HOT* sunnies.

  3. i love them all the shades are amazing and i love the color of the vernis
    all great picks enjoy all and congrats:woohoo:
  4. WOW. I Love Love Love!!! Congrats!!!
  5. HOT!!! Can we see modeling pics??! Congrats!
  6. Congrats! Love the sunny!
  7. great purchases!
  8. Great!! Congrats!
  9. would love to see the sunglasses on you at the different angles so I can see how the lvs show ;)
  10. Thanks everyone, modeling pics will come up soon!

    I wish I was able to take home a pomme heart though! ugh it sucks. They had the gold, silver mirror hearts as well as the violette and one amarante heart. NO POMME! Thats what I want =[ Theres only 2 left in the company, and they are on the East coast. My SA Leah will fight for them! hahaha.
  11. You have amazing taste! Love all of your new loot, especially the sunglasses. Hot hot hot! Congrats!

    And good luck getting the pomme heart :smile:.
  12. Clear! Here are some modeling pics of the sunglasses, yess.. retarted ugly pics of me but ehh, just focus on the sunglasses!!!!! Please excuse how scruffy I look and my facial expression, just having fun with it.

    The lense is really just covered in monogram print, of course the LVs are still centered though! hahaha.

    I am surprised these look good on me, the rest of the LV sunglasses were just too small for my gigantic head.
    clear.JPG face.JPG
  13. Great Purchases!!! Enjoy them.
  14. Nice sunglasses!
    They must be a new style. I haven't even seen these on the LV website.
  15. Great loot! Congrats! Love your EB city in your avatar!