My new stuff

  1. Some of you might remember I started a thread a few weeks ago about my Sig. Stripe tote. I really was not sure about it. I would take it out of the dust bag and try it on. I did this for 2 weeks and still wasn't sure about the bag. So I just decided to exchange the bag andlater on if I missed it or wanted it again I would just buy it again. I've been wanting a new wallet so I got the pink Heritage strip zip around wallet and the pink Heritage stripe mini skinny to go with it. I just love it! I also looked at the pink Heritage stripe tote in medium. I am going to wait and see if I get a PCE and then get it next month. I think that tote would be great for traveling or a great bag to use when I go places that my bag may get dirty. I think it is a perfect no fuss bag. I don't think I would worry about messing it up.

    Here are my goodies!
  2. I love pink, very nice!
  3. Thanks I love pink too!! The SA was trying to get me to get the patchwork wallet and I really liked it but I thought this wallet would hold up better.

    This is going to sound like a stupid question but what do you use your mini skinny for? This is the first time I've bought one. The SA actually talked me into it b/c the wallet was cheaper than the bag so she was trying to get me to do an even exchange. So I got the mini skinny b/c it is super cute but now I am not sure what to put in it or what to use it for. So I would love to hear what you girls do with your mini skinny
  4. Love the heritage in Pink!
  5. I don't have a mini skinny so I don't know! I think that will hold up better than the patchwork, too!
  6. very cute, congrats!
  7. love the stuff!
  8. Very nice items. I always used to use the skinnys as wallets, with my licence, debit card, a few other cards and even my money folded up in there! Now that I have several nice wallets my skinnys are definitely being neglected. Maybe use it for quick trips out where you just need a few $$ and your license, just carried in your coat pocket.
  9. I just got my first mini skinny too and plan to use it as a wallet in smaller bags where wallets take up too much space. I also think it might come in handy for extra cards and such from stores/restaurants/etc. that you don't need very often, but that crowd up your wallet.

    I just got the pink heritage stripe wristlet for V-day and I love it! I want more heritage pieces now! Enjoy your new stuff!
  10. Love them both! I use my mini skinny for change....pennies for the horsey ride at the grocery store! LOL!
  11. Thanks everyone! I definitely love this wallet and the color! I love the ideas for the mini skinny! I think I will use it for loose change and extra cards etc that won't fit in my wallet. I will also use it as a wallet for smaller bags or when I travel! Thanks for the tips!
  12. Cute wallet and mini skinny. I like pink!!:tup:
    I use my mini skinny to hold my change and I keep my debit card and DL in the side pocket.
  13. I have 2 skinny minis and don't use them much. I hate to have cash all wadded up. I don't carry change. I throw it in the jar (Coach fund) although I will use it to make a quick run with my Debit Card and ID in there.
  14. LOVE the pink.. oh, this forum SUCKS :p I started out not really feeling Heritage stripe and now I'm in LOVEEE with it!
  15. I have the wallet in brown and I adore it. It is so perfect! The pink is really cute and I bet you will love it. Congratulations! I don't have any skinnies, though; I just don't have a use for them.