My new stuff...

  1. Today I got to go to the Coach Store...:yahoo: After a long stay at the store, I finally decided what I was going to get with my PCE.
    Oh by the way I got a free gift....
    Well First of is the Glasses... I love them, but I feel like they are too big and I need some time to think.
    The Shoes I bought like 2 weeks ago, at Nordstrom for 57.00, and the Little perfum was free... yeah I never thought COACH would give me something!!!:heart:
    And of course I got the new catalog...
  2. Congrats! Although, the pictures are not showing up!
  3. I want to see pictures too :popcorn:
  4. Sorry I am trying to resize them, they are too big!
  5. :popcorn::popcorn::popcorn::dothewave:
  6. Here are the pics... Sorry
    Sunglasses1.jpg PERFUME.jpg Shoes1.jpg Sunglasses2.jpg
  7. Pretty sunglasses! And do I spy a Mac white laptop?! :nuts: I have one too! Congrats on your haul!
  8. Lovely, def. worth the wait!:woohoo:
  9. Wow! I love your goodies! And yay for free perfume. I love the smell of it, just thinking about it right now makes me want to put it on...but it's at home!!
  10. congrats, really cute! :tup:
  11. nice sunglasses, and the perfume is awesome! I love it when things are free!
  12. I thought they always gave away the perfume sample?? I bought 4 pairs of Katelyn sneakers half price while at Caesar's Forum Shops in Vegas and told the gal they were for me and my three teen daughters. She put in four of the perfumes so the girls wouldn't fight. LOL!
  13. Aww they have, I thought I was special. He he. I was just really excited, he he, but hey I never thought that I would get something for free from COACH.:love:
  14. Thank you.... Yup that is a Mac, I love it. I have had it for 4 years and no problems.... I love it.
  15. Oh yeah I love the smell, and I thought that I would not like it, but now I LOVE IT. Hopefully I can get my boyfriend buys it for me. I guess when he comes back I have to start giving hints.:graucho: