My new stuff

  1. Ok so I've been buying a lot lately and thought I'd just throw it all into one thread :smile:

    Here goes

    1) Signature Stripe Swing Pack in Punch
    (I used the brass trigger key fob thing to extend the strap a bit. Works great.)
    Here's a picture of the keyfob thing:

    2) Signature Stripe Mini Skinny in Punch

    3) Legacy Shoulder in Pond (I can't describe how much I love this bag.. so I'll just shut up :p )

    4) Hamptons Multifunction Tote -- was great as a carry on for my trip to Vegas
    and here's the inside (complete with some

    5) Some random charms I got at the outlets:

    I think I need to go on a ban :crybaby:
    charms.jpg blkMultifunction.jpg legacyPond.jpg punchSwing.jpg punchMini.jpg
  2. OMG, WHERE did you get that punch stuff???? *jealous!* Great haul!!!!
  3. Wow, thank you for posting. Love the blue on that bag!! I want one...congrats!!
  4. Got the swing pack about a month ago (ordered from providence store) and I found the mini skinny on eBay with a BIN price of only $39.99.
    I did see a mini skinny in punch at the Las vegas store at Caesars palace forum shops (the newer one --there are 2 in the forum shops).. it may still be there...
  5. eep I have a Punch swing pack on it's way too! It's so cute! What a great haul!
  6. I love the Pond Shoulder Bag as well. That's the bag I'm carrying right now.
  7. I'm glad to see that the key thingie worked to extend your swingpack. I kind of want the watercolor one, so maybe I'll try that at the boutique and see if it looks better.
    Loving your pond shoulder bag!!!
  8. ahhhhh pond! lovely bag!

    and the exclamation mark is so cute !!! (:
  9. I am just :drool: over your pond bag. It is tdf!
  10. Nice collection. I love the punch.
  11. great stuff...I want that punch mini skinny :yes:
  12. The legacy bag in pond is so pretty!
  13. **Gorgeous** stuff! Especially the Pond bag- my fav :heart:
  14. very nice. congrats!!!
  15. Great color choices and I especially like the pond shoulder bag.